We are so excited to have you become part of the Khuya Influencer Program. This quick guide will walk you through the extremely easy process of signing up using our tracking platform, Affiliatly. Let’s get started. 

As soon as you hit the link we have previously shared, you will be presented with this screen:
Fill out the blank spaces with your information, accept the terms and conditions, check the “I’m not a robot” box and click “Registered”. You will be prompted to the following screen:
This is what you will now know as your “Dashboard”. Here is where you will be able to navigate the entire software, as well as get a better insight to your individual link sharing stats. This page also offers short links to your own referral link as well as your individual product link generator. It also provides a quick view to your total earnings as well as unpaid earnings; basically a quick “all in one” page.

As its name says, this is the tab that contains all the information. Your affiliate link will also be shown here as well as the percentage commission you will obtain for each sale, and a reminder of your personal discount code for your following.

As soon as you click on this tab, the above screen is what you will see. This tab will help you create a specific link for a specific product from our website. Head on to shopkhuya.com and select the product you wish to share and copy that link into the “Link” box. Hit “Generate” and you will have a shareable link of an exact product that will help us track your sales.
Make sure when you use the “Link Generator” Tab so share the “Affiliated Link” link. The other two won't help us track your sales, and it will result in unpaid/recognized commission.

This shows all of your clicks and the source of said click. In other words, how many people clicked your link and which media from. As well as how much commission you earned from each click. 

In this tab you will be able to track commission by order made. Just like in the previous stats tab you will also be able to track your progress by age using the date range tool. 

This is the tab that will show and keep track of your payments. Remember that you will be able to cash out your payments once you have reached the $100 threshold. 


Once again, we couldn’t be more excited to have you be part of our Influencer Program, and look forward to working together! If there are any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

In Khuya;

The Khuya Team